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A silicone-based insulation material that has been used by many companies worldwide as part of their thermal management system in the subsea fields to help delay the onset of hydrate formation and prevent wax deposition.

It is cast-in-place and can be readily applied at any site to subsea trees, manifolds, pipeline end termination (PLET), pipeline end manifold (PLEM), jumpers, and general pipelines applications.

Through extensive qualification testing, Novolastic complies with the ISO 12736 standard covering general and specific properties, aging, full-scale testing, application process and quality control. Novolastic was included in the Subsea Wet Insulation Systems Joint Industry Project (SWIS JIP) at 150 °C and 180 °C, maintaining its physical integrity and thermal performance throughout a year-long Simulated Service Test (SST).

Applicable Market

Chemical and Industrial
Oil and Gas

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