Armagel is one of the best performing insulation materials in the market for cryogenic/cyclic operating conditions (Armagel DT), and high temperature applications (Armagel HT). Armagel repels water to keep equipment dry for a long period of time and mitigate corrosion under insulation. It can also provide acoustic function to reduce sound transmission on industrial pipework and vessels.

Armagel is a flexible blanket type of insulation material that can be used on many equipment and parts including pipes, vessels, ducts, flanges, elbows, fittings, etc. Armagel is compliant with ASTM C1728 with operating temperatures from -196 ºC (Armagel DT) to 650 ºC (Armagel HT). It has been tested and used extensively in critical high profile industrial applications with excellent results.

Applicable Market

Chemical and Industrial
Oil and Gas

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